BMW 1 Series Android Multimedia System With Reverse Camera – F20/F21

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Wireless Apple Carplay / Android Auto Dongle
New Digital Dash Video


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BMW 1 Series Android Screen – F2x

Our new and latest 2020 flagship BMW Android units are now here and available to purchase. These units are extremely incredible in the functionality they provide over the basic BMW NBT & CIC system. Using the Google Play Store, you will be able to download latest & greatest apps such as Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube and much more!

Massive upgrade over the older and outdated NBT/CIC systems that are in BMW cars. BMW Android units provide so much more functionality and features at such an incredible price. A truly premium upgrade for a premium brand that you need. You can have Bluetooth Audio for your iPhones and Android phones that even some BMW systems don’t do as standard. Watch YouTube videos, Movies or Live TV when out on a long drive with family and friends.

iDrive 7 Menu

New iDrive 7 style menu integrated within the system to give your vehicle the upgrade it needs. Our custom software allows you to have ID7 style menus and use it navigate your way around the system. You old iDrive system is, of course, still full accessible and you do not lose any functionality/settings etc. If you prefer the iDrive 6/5 Evo style menus, those are also included and you can easily change the menu style to your liking.

Black Panel Screen & Trim Bezel

Black Panel Screen & Trim Bezel across all our BMW Android systems as standard! This means you don’t have to pay a hefty price to get OEM looking screen. Many companies charge up to £100+ for black edition screens, ours are standard. The outer bezel of our screens is gloss black just like how the newer screens are in BMW cars. The screens are black panel meaning that black looks dark and nice when light shines over it instead of changing to a greyish colour like the cheaper options available on market.

Reverse Camera & Screen Mirroring

Additionally, we also include a fully OEM style Reversing Camera in each multimedia system as a full package upgrade. The camera is also plug and play so you don’t have to make holes in your boot trying to fit it. The wires go from your boot liner all the way to the screen and plug in there. Simply enable the reverse camera option and you are good to go.

Screen Mirror your iPhone and Android devices straight to our amazing 10.25″ screen. Any resources from your mobile phone can be directly mirrored to the screen, so you can watch, play and enjoy on the bigger screen. You can connect you device via USB port included to mirror everything from your phone directly on to the amazing 10.25″ display. You can even do it wirelessly, without the need of any cables.

7 Colour Digital Dash

These are the latest versions of systems with the NEW 7 COLOURS DIGITAL DASH! Get an amazing looking dash with out 7 colours speedometer style dash. The colours available are red, orange, yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple. Many units on the market still offer the older plain style dash which are simply outdated and ruin the look of your amazing new screen.

New Digital Dash Video

Plug & Play! 

Our BMW Android systems are fully Plug & Play with your BMWs system. You don’t have to cut, solder or replace any wires within your car. You simply remove the old screen and plug our system in to receive full Android functionality. The installation is fully reversible, so if you wish to put your car back to stock, you won’t run in to any trouble. You can still access your current iDrive settings and features, that means nothing is lost!check out our facebook page

Why Buy From Us?

  • Top Spec Units
    Excellent B
    uild Quality
  • OEM Style Reverse Camera Included (For Free)
  • Customer Friendly, will respond to all your questions unlike other sellers
  • Unbeaten After Sales Support
  • Installation Available Across UK (Bradford, Oldham, Birmingham)
  • Free UK Shipping


Android Version: 10.0
Screen Size: 10.25″ Inches – Capacitive & 5 Point Multi-Touch Screen – IPS Screen
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 480
Processor: 8 Core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8953

Built in 4G Sim Slot
Has GPS, WiFi, Microphone, 2 x USB ports
Supports Steering Wheel and iDrive Control Knob
Compatible with Original Reverse Camera and Parking Sensor Display
Can use Apple Carplay / Android Auto Plug in Dongle (Not included)

Whats In The Box?

  • Android System
  • OEM Boot Handle Style Reverse Camera
  • Power cables (Quadlock etc)
  • Wifi Antenna
  • Mic
  • GPS Antenna
  • USB ports

Wires included inside may differ depending on vehicle.


Our BMW Android unit will work with the following cars, as long as they have NBT/CIC system installed.
F20 & F21 1 Series. Including M135i/M140i models – All need to have a NBT/CIC system installed with a working AUX.

You car needs to have a functioning Aux for our BMW Android system to correctly work. Your current NBT/CIC system also needs to function properly for this system to function properly.

Some 2012/2013 cars will have a CIC system with NBT screen plug. Please check that your screens plug is 6 pin. See image below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I add Apple Carplay / Android Auto to this system?
A. Yes! We can provide a Carplay/AA dongle for additional cost.

Q. I have an iPhone, will this system work?
A. Of course it will! Just because its running Android 10.0 operating system doesn’t mean iPhone’s can’t connect. You can connect your iPhone for handsfree calling, streaming music, mirroring your screen and many other features.

Q. Do I need to modify my car to fit this system? Cutting dash, wiring, soldering etc?
A. No! You don’t have to modify anything in your car. Our system is designed to be fully Plug & Play and requires no modification to your current dashboard to function.

Q. Will the unit need coding to function properly?
A. No, the unit is 100% Plug & Play with your NBT/CIC system and does not require any coding.

Q. Will I lose any of my current BMW features and settings after installing your system?
A. All your BMW settings, service history, functions, features etc will still be accessible and functioning just like before. You will only gain new features.

Q. How do I know which system I  have in my car?
A. Check out the last picture on this listing, that will tell you which one you have. If you’re still not sure, then please contact us.

Q. I heard that sound quality is bad on these products, is that true?
A. Absolutely not true! We have some of the highest quality units in the market, every component has excellent build quality and internal components are made to the highest standards, that’s why our units do not suffer from poor quality audio.

Q. My current iDrive has problems and doesn’t work properly. Will getting your upgraded system, fix the issues?
A. No, our system works alongside your system which means you need to have a working iDrive and AUX to be able to use our system.

Q. Where are you based? Where do you ship  the products from?
A. We are based in Bradford, UK. We stock & ship all our products from UK. Unlike many other sellers who claim to be from UK but are based overseas.

Q. I currently have a small screen in my car. Will this still work?
A. Of course! This is a massive improvement over the smaller stock screens. Our upgrade works with all screen sizes.

Q. Are all the cables / wires including in the box? or do I have buy anything additionally to make it work?
A. All the cables you need to get this fully working in your car are included.

Q. Can this unit add navigation to my car?
A. Yes it can! You can install your favourite navigation apps such as Google Maps, Waze, TomTom and use it alongside with additional GPS module.

Q. How do I get internet on this unit?
A. There is a built-in 4G sim slot in all our units. You can buy a cheap data sim for internet or we also include a WiFi antenna if you want to hotpsot your phone data.

Still have few questions you want to ask? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please note: We do advertise and sell these units else where. This means the websites stock isn’t always up to date with actual physical stock. We advise you to get in touch to confirm before placing an order to avoid disappointment. If units are in stock, its Free Next Day Delivery within UK. Otherwise it can take up to 10 working day for unit to get to you. Thank you.

Additional information

Operating System

Android 9.0

Screen Size

10.25" Inches, Capacitive & 5 Point Multi-Touch IPS Screen

Screen Resolution

1280 x 480


8 Core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8953



ROM / Storage


Black Panel Screen & Trim Bezel


Compatible with Original Camera / Parking Sensors


Support iDrive Knob + Steering Wheel


4G Sim Slot








USB Ports

2 x USB Ports

Reverse Camera

OEM Boot Handle Style Camera Included For Free

Add Carplay / Android Auto

Yes, you can use aftermarket USB dongle to add these.

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