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Enjoy a safer driving experience with CarPlay & Android Auto, which is capable of showing useful apps like Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, Apple Music and much more. Siri is also integrated within Carplay, to provide a more enhanced hands free experience.

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Wireless Apple Carplay & Wired Android Auto USB Dongle – Android Systems

Looking to add Apple Carplay or Android Auto to your car’s headunit? This is the perfect solution! A plug-in USB dongle that you simply connect to your stereo’s USB port and download an app to use Carplay/Android Auto.

This USB Dongle will work with our BMW Android Systems to give you a seamless and integrated driving experience.

These are the latest/update to date modules in the market unlike many others that still have older, slower and bug’ier app versions running.

The USB dongle will enable Fullscreen Carplay / Android Auto on your Android headunits.


Apple Carplay is only for Apple iPhones.
Android Auto is only for Android phones.

Your headunit/stereo/car system must be running Android 4.4.2 or above for this module to work.
You should be able to install APKs / Apps on your headunit.

Supports Wireless Carplay, Wired Carplay & Wired Android Auto.

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Carplay Activation on OEM Headunits

If you have a BMW with NBTevo Pro Nav running iDrive 5/6, you will need our BMW Carplay Activation instead.

Alternative, if you have a 2016+ Mercedes, we can also activate Carplay / Android Auto on Mercedes through simple coding.

This dongle is only for Android systems and not factory fitted OEM systems.

BMW Android Systems

Additional information

Headunit/Stereo Operating System Required

Android 4.2.2 or above, No other OS supported

Supports Apple Carplay?

Yes. Wireless Carplay + Wired Carplay

Supports Android Auto

Yes. Wired Android Auto


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