How to get Audi Sport Dial activated?

Audi Sport Dial Activation

Do you want the same Sport Dial as Audi’s upper sportier models such as S & RS but in your daily ‘A’ Audi? Then we have some great new for you. We are now offering to activate Sport Dial through coding and software flash!

Up until now, it was only possible to get Sport Dial on the S and RS virtual cockpit which were a different part number, this meant people were retrofitting different speedometers to get the Sport Dial. As you can imagine, the effort of sourcing a used/new cockpit, installing it and getting someone with ODIS to code it with VWAG servers, it all ends up really costly and not ideal for many Audi enthusiasts.

How we do it ?

Instead of going through the hassle of changing your cockpit etc, we have come up with a very easy and smart solution to activate Audi Sport Dial. We are able to activate Sport Dial using just software and flashing new firmware on your existing cockpit.

We will update your virtual cockpit by flashing the new firmware, this ensures that your cockpit runs smoothly, without any errors, bugs etc. Then we send a command directly to the cockpit raw data, which then allows us access to the Sport Dial.

This is completely software based and no additional hardware is needed to make the Sport Dial work. It will work just like it does on the S & RS models. You will have access to a new menu called ‘Layout’, which you can use to switch between the Classic and Sport dials.

Please note: On the standard ‘A’ models, the additional gauges such as Boost, Power & Torque and G Meter; do Not work. This is down to the car missing sensors and hardware needed for these gauges, which are normally fitted on S & RS models. We have found that later models such as 2019/2020, some of the gauges functions however its not always guaranteed.

How long does it take and do you need to bring the car to us?

Depending on your virtual cockpit software version, it can take 10 – 30 minutes for us to activate Sport Dial on your Audi. If the cockpit needs updating, it will take 30 mins. If it doesn’t need updating then it usually takes us 10 minutes to fully activate this feature.

You will need to bring your car to us in Bradford, UK. The activation process is tricky and requires dealer level tools for us to connect to the car and code it. Major of people won’t have access to these tools, so its easier to drive down to us.

However, we do offer a remote coding solution for you but only if you have the equipment needed to activate. The requirements are:

  • Windows Laptop
  • ODIS-E (Installed + Working)
  • VAS5054/VAS5054A/VAS6154 (Already Working)

What else do we offer for Audi ?

We offer a range of services for your Audi including Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Navigation, Coding, Map Updates, Speed Camera Alerts and many more. Most of the times, customers contact us and book in for a bunch on activations and updates, we are able to create a bespoke bundle for them and offer a better price and discount.

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