Coding FAQs

Coding is changing the car’s factory configuration to unlock some hidden features that are already built in to the car. It allows us to pretty much change and control any electric part of the car. Coding isn’t uploading custom software and completely changing the features and functions, its more like tweaking it to what you like.

Coding does not void the warranty because we aren’t uploading custom software to the car, we are simply tweaking the current factory one. All coding done is completely revertible and cannot be traced. 

We have coded old cars and brand new cars that have come straight from the dealership, not one customer has had an issue regarding warranty after getting their car coded. This is not to say that every dealership will be like this. Dealers are often finding ways to get out of warranty work even if they have to blame the smallest of things.

You can Download Coding Lists for your car on our website.

Alternatively, you can check out our Features page to know what each coding means.

The coding lists are made according to what most of our customers like to get unlocked. There might be few things not on the list but can still be unlocked.

Please contact us with any special requests.

We get this question a lot. The reason we don’t show our prices is because each car has different options and each customer wants different things coding. By not showing the price, it allows us to offer each customer their own individual price based on what they want to unlock.

You can expect to pay anything from £10 – £100+ depending on what you’re getting coded.

Yes & No. We will travel to a certain location/customer if there are multiple cars to code. We will not travel if its just one thing you want coding, as its not worth us travelling

If you only want 2-3 things coding, it isn’t worth while for us to travel to you, even if we charge you extra.

We don’t travel for retrofit services or if you have performed a retrofit and need something coding.

BMW NBTEvo Carplay Activation FAQs

To enable Carplay your car needs the following

  • NBTEvo Pro Nav
  • iDrive 5/6

If you would like us to check, please contact us


Yes! You can still get Carplay activated even if you’re not near us. We can activate Apple Carplay via USB or Remotely.

For remote activation you would need a Windows Laptop, Enet cable, Internet Connection. We will send you the required download links and then remotely connect to your computer to code Apple CarPlay

Get in touch for any help you require.

They both provide the same functionality however Fullscreen Carplay, takes up the entire iDrive screen – getting rid of the ability to splitscreen whilst in CarPlay.

Splitscreen or Normal Carplay

Fullscreen Carplay

BMW Carplay Activation takes around 15 – 20 minutes.

It may take longer for a remote activate due to setup and download etc.

Warranty is still a unknown/grey area at the moment. Most that dealerships do is update the iDrive and disable Carplay activation. Which we can re-enable.

This is not to say that every dealership will do the same. We, MAK Coding, cannot be held responsible if BMW voids your warranty. 

Many dealers around the UK do not void warranty and simply just update the iDrive to remove Carplay. As we do activate Carplay worldwide, we cannot speak for dealerships outside of UK.

If you have bought Carplay from us and took your car to BMW, they might update your iDrive. Which will disable Carplay. We can re-activate it for you but there will be a charge of £30.

When we code Carplay, we advise you to let your BMW dealer know that they shouldn’t update the iDrive. The iDrive or any other BMW components should only be update if they develop a fault, BMW is simply trying to stop people from activating Carplay and other features.

Yes! We can upgrade your Carplay from normal to Fullscreen. However, this depends on your current iDrive software version and if its compatible with Fullscreen Carplay.

We charge £50 to upgrade Carplay to Fullscreen, If bought from us.

If you haven’t bought from us, then its the standard charge of £100 for Carplay

Please take a look at the Compatibility Checker or get in touch to confirm if your car is compatible.

Sure we can! We can update your current iDrive if it doesn’t support Fullscreen Carplay to a latest version that does. 

This will be additional fees to update the iDrive and will need to be done in person.

It will either be done in Manchester or Bradford. Depending on your location and day.

Klarna Payment Methods FAQs


We have partnered with Klarna to provide our customers 0% Interest Free Finance on our BMW Android Systems. You can either split the total up in 3 payments or pay 30 days later.

This payment methods allows you to split your total amount in 3 easy instalments!

How do I Pay later in 3 instalments?
You make a purchase and provide your card details to complete it. The first payment is taken from your card at this time. The two remaining equal payments will also be taken from your card 30 and 60 days after the first payment is taken. 


  • Split the total up in 3 payments
  • Interest Free
  • No Extra Fees or Charges
  • Sit back and relax. Klarna will notify you when payment is due 

This is a payment method that allows you (the customer) to purchase our Android system but pay for it 30 days later. Simple. We often hear from customers about having to “wait for payday” to purchase our fantastic upgrade, but with the Pay Later method, you can get the unit delivered to you and then pay for it after!


  • Pay 30 Days Later
  • Get your goods before you pay
  • Interest Free
  • No Extra Fees or Charges
  • Sit back and relax. Klarna will notify you when payment is due 

Klarna does not perform a full credit check but something called ‘Soft Check’. This search will not affect your credit score or your chances of obtaining a credit in future.

You can read more about it on:

At the moment, we are only offering Klarna payment months on our BMW Android Systems.

Any other products or services will need to be paid using PayPal or Debit/Credit card options on our website, this includes Apple Carplay activation, Map updates, SLI activation etc.

Got more questions to ask? :0 Contact us now!

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