2024 Porsche Navigation Map Update – PCM4


Smartphone Link activation available for Porsche with PCM4 headunit. Models such as 911, Macan, Cayman and more. We are able to fully activate Carplay & Android Auto using just software update and activation, no hardware installing needed. Click here to find out more.

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2024 Porsche Navigation Map Update – PCM4

Porsche Navigation Map Update will allow you to update your sat-nav maps to the latest 2024 version. We are able to update your maps Remotely or in Bradford. Updating the maps will provide new layouts, routes, roads and postcodes.

Updating your Porsche PCM4 navigation maps requires a licence in order for the new maps to be uploaded on to PCM4. Without this licence, you will not be able to update your maps. We offer a Lifetime Licence solution so you can update your maps whenever a new update has been released, without needing to pay us again.

We also include the latest PCM4 software update with this to ensure everything works perfectly without any issues.

Porsche Smartphone Link (PSL) can also be activated at the same time (not compatible with all cars). PSL lets you connect your phone and have Apple Carplay & Android Auto. Click here to find out more


How can this be done on your car?

In Bradford – You can drive down to our workshop in Bradford and have us activate these features.

In London – You can drive down to our agent in London (NW9) and have us activate these features.

Remotely: We are able to carry out a remote activation of these features, however you will need few things

  • 64GB SD Card (San Disk)
  • Windows Laptop/PC (No work laptops)
  • TeamViewer (For Remote Access)

We connect remotely to your laptop and setup files for your car and copy them to SD Card. Then guide you on how to update the files in your car (its very easy process) and once finished, you will have it all activated.



Message us details of your car and software version to confirm compatibility.

  • Only possible on PCM4.0 Headunit.
  • To check software version: Press Car – > Setting / Set -> Software Update -> Version Information


Support Cars for Porsche PCM4.0:

  • Cayman (2016-2019)
  • 718 Boxster / CaymBoxsteran (2016-)
  • Porsche 991 (2011-2016)
  • Porsche 991 (2016-2019)
  • Macan (2016-2019)
  • Cayenne (2014-2018)


Best way to get in touch is via WhatsApp (+447366188993) as we can communicate quickly and send images etc.

We can also activate Audi Smartphone Interface

Why buy from us?

  • Fast & Easy
  • Workshop in Bradford
  • Customer friendly, will respond to all your questions unlike other sellers
  • After sale support

What Is Apple CarPlay/Android Auto?

A safer way to use your mobile phone while travelling in your car. Apple CarPlay & Android Auto allow you to seamlessly integrate your mobile phone with your car’s head unit. You are able to use apps such as Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Apple Music and many more supported apps. It even allows you to integrate calls, text and music. Porsche you have to connect your phone via cable and it will start Carplay/Android Auto.

Activate Apple Carplay on your Porsche

AppleCarplay Android-Auto






Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What features will this activation give me?
This will activate Lifetime map licence and upload 2024 maps

Q2. How long does this process normally take?
The process takes around 1hour 30 minutes, depending on if your headunit needs an update.

Q3. My car has doesn’t have Smartphone Link option, can it still be done?
Yes, as long as your headunit is PCM4, we can activate Smartphone Link.

Q4. Where will this activation take please? Do I need to bring the car to you?
We can activate this Remotely or In Bradford. For remote activation, you need SD Card + Windows Laptop. We are based in Bradford (BD4 8TJ)

Q5. How do I check what software version my headunit is at?
Press Car – > Setting / Set -> Software Update -> Version Information – Send a picture of this screen


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