BMW Update Service History iDrive – F/G Series


If you service the car yourself, or get it done by a local garage who aren’t able to update the iDrive service history records, then we can update them for you.

BMW Service History can be coded either in Bradford or Remotely online. Please see remote coding requirements below. 

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BMW Update Service History iDrive – F/G Series

We are able to update service history records on your BMW iDrive. If you service the car yourself, or get it done by a local garage who aren’t able to update the iDrive service history records, then we can update them for you. This will come in handy when trying to sell your car as the potential buyer will be able to see all the maintience work that your car has gotten done.

This will only update it on the BMW iDrive, it won’t update on BMW online records on their servers. Updating BMW records online is impossible as only BMW approved garages can update this for you and only if they have completed the servicing. Please note: We will need to see invoices or receipts of work carried out in order for us to update the records. This is to prevent customers adding services without maintaining their cars.

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We can code this on F & G Series cars made from 2012+. This includes cars like BMW 3 Series (F30), 1 Series (F20), 5 Series (G30) etc.

  • BMW F & G Series Models
  • Entry, EntryNav, CIC Pro, NBT Pro, NBTevo iDrive 4, NBTevo iDrive 5/6 & EntryNav2 ID6

Remote Coding Requirements

  • Windows LaptopWindows 7 + / Administrative Rights needed / Has to be decent, nothing from the 90s
  • ENET/OBD Cable – An standard ENET/OBD cable used for coding. We can send one for extra cost
  • Strong WiFi/Internet Connection – This ensures that our connection to your car and laptop is stable
  • Remote Connection Software – We will send you download links to install on your laptop

Some modern laptops don’t have ENET port to connect the coding cable, please double check. If you don’t have ENET cable, you may require additional USB-Ethernet dongle. Please make sure your laptop is updated to latest version and you have administrative rights. We need to disable firewalls and anti-virus so it doesn’t interfere with coding.

If you have any questions, doubts or simply want to know more – Please contact us.


Why choose from us?

  • Fast & Easy
  • Customer friendly, will respond to all your questions unlike other sellers
  • After sale support
  • Remote Coding via VPN
  • Workshop in Bradford

Remote Hidden Feature Coding

MAK Coding is now offering BMW remote coding for all our customers worldwide. You don’t have to travel out to us to have your car coded. Many of our customers within the UK are far away from us and travelling to us for coding, isn’t feasible. Some customers are in different countries or even continents!

We have a very smart solution that creates a virtual network between your car and our coding computer. This allows us to communicate with your car and unlock the hidden features you need. Once you have placed your order, we will send you download links for the remote desktop and VPN software that you will need to install on your Windows Laptop. Once done, we can schedule a time that works for both of us and remotely code your car.

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