BMW G Series

  1. Apple CarPlay (NBTEvo Pro Nav iD5/6 – Separate Price)
  2. Speed Limit Info – road sign recognition (Order online)
  3. android Screen Mirroring (NBTEvo Pro Nav iD5/6 – Separate Price) 
  4. iDrive 5 to iDrive 6 Lite (Separate Price)
  5. Video In Motion (Must be able to watch videos whilst not moving)
  6. Video Via USB
  7. Additional Video Codecs/Formats
  8. Orange or Red/Black Sports Display
  9. Digital Speed
  10. Alpina Style Speedometer
  11. M Performance Style Speedometer
  12. M Performance Logo in Speedometer
  13. Change 6WB to Grey/White Colours
  14. Increase Speedometer scale to 330Km/H
  15. Use smartphone ringtone
  16. Enable Sports Plus Mode
  17. Enable Comfort Plus Mode
  18. Enable Coasting Mode in Eco Pro
  19. Change Default Start Up Mode (Adaptive/Sports/Sports Individual/Eco Pro/Eco Pro Individual) 
  20. Enable Comfort Plus Mode options in Eco Pro Individual
  21. Start/Stop remember last setting
  22. Disable Horn When Locking Car with Engine running
  23. Increase USB Charging Speed to 2100Ma (iDrive 7 / MGU Only)
  24. display full text messages
  25. activate enhanced bluetooth (NBTEvo only)
  26. Reverse Camera Zoom
  27. Change Warning chimes (rolls royce/mini etc)
  28. Disable Seat Belt Warning
  29. Enable 5 click blinker option in Exterior Lighting settings
  30. AirCon Memory
  31. M-Performance Start Up Animation
  32. Tyre Temperature with Pressure
  33. Beep When Locking/Unlocking
  34. Fold mirrors with one press (req. Power folding mirrors)
  35. Menu for beep
  36. Menu for DRL
Think we are missing something from the list? Message us to find out if we can code it

Please Note. Not all the features can be coded to a car. This is a generic list for ALL G Series cars and options coded depend on the car’s spec.