No one likes their things being broken or not working how they intended to, that’s why MAK Coding offers 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on their Wireless Carplay Retrofit Kits from the purchase date. Please carefully read below the details.

Please contact us for any problems you may be having with your kit.

  • This manufacturer warranty is only valid for our Wireless Carplay Retrofit Kits bought from us.
  • The warranty protects you against any defects in the kits components. This includes wires, chips, boards etc.
  • We will either refund you the full amount (excluding delivery) or send you a new one.
  • Please bare in mind it can take up to 15 working days to process.
  • The warranty doesn’t include software issues due to the product being aftermarket. This includes Carplay, Android Auto, Screen Mirroring and other software.
  • We often release software updates that fix bugs, improve usability and overall performance of the kit so we may ask you to update the kit before exercising the warranty procedure.
  • We reserve the right to cancel & refuse the warranty.
  • We may ask you to send the kit back to us for fixing, updates etc. The buyer has to send the kit at their expense.

As much as we like to keep things simple and easy, there are a few individuals who ruin this for everyone and take advantage of this procedure. So please try to co-operate with us while we work on your problems.

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