Audi A4 B8 Facelift

  1. Video In Motion (Req. You must be able to watch videos whilst not driving – Additional Cost)
  2. Parking Sensor Display (Req. OEM Rear Sensors)
  3. Drive Select In MMI (Not for all cars)
  4. Additional Dive Select Modes (Not for all cars)
  5. Needle Sweep
  6. US Style Daytime Running Lights
  7. Tail Lights As Daytime Running Lights
  8. Cornering Fog Lights
  9. Emergency Braking Lights
  10. DRL Brightness Increase (Not for all cars)
  11. Stop Front DRL Dimming When Indicating
  12. Fogs As Coming/Leaving Home Lights
  13. Automatic Coming Home Lights (Req. Auto Lights)
  14. Beep When Locking/Unlocking
  15. Lap Timer
  16. Oil Temperature
  17. Seat Belt Warning Off
  18. Mirror Fold When Locking (Req. Power Folding Mirrors)
  19. Mirror Dip In Reverse (Req. Power Folding Mirrors)
  20. Menu For Beep
  21. Menu For DRLs
  22. Show AC Fan Speed In Auto
  23. Start/Stop Button Inverse
  24. Hidden Green Menu

    Check out to know what each option means.