Audi TT MK3

  1. Video In Motion (Only if you can currently watch videos. Req. Software version  below 100 – Seperate Price)
  2. Third Brake Light Always On
  3. G-Meter In Virtual Cockpit
  4. Torque & Power In Virtual Cockpit
  5. DRL Brightness Increase
  6. Maintain DRL Brightness While Front Indicators Are On
  7. Tail Lights As DRLs
  8. 2nd Phone Support (Not for all cars)
  9. Mirror Fold When Locking (Req. Power Folding Mirrors)
  10. Mirror Dip In Reverse (Req. Power Folding Mirrors)
  11. Seat Belt Warning Off
  12. Disable Door Open Alarm
  13. Beep When Locking/Unlocking
  14. Parking Radar On Left Side Of Virtual Cockpit In Reverse
  15. Lap Timer
  16. Menu For Beep
  17. Menu For DRL
  18. Copy Music From CD To Jukebox (Not for all cars)
  19. Disable Auto Start/Stop Function

    Extra Charge
  20. Rear Indicator & Brake Light Flash Together (You can only one have or the other)
  21. Rear Indicator & Brake Lights Flash Alternating

    Check out to know what each option means.