Audi A7 C7

  1. Video In Motion (Additional Charges / Only works if you can watch videos while not driving)
  2. Needle Sweep
  3. Beep when locking/unlocking
  4. Tail lights on with DRL
  5. DRL Brightness Increase
  6. Close boot lid using key (not for all A7s)
  7. Automatically apply Parking Brake when shifted to P
  8. Cornering fog lights
  9. Enable Parking Sensor Display
  10. Mirror dip in reverse(req. Power mirrors)
  11. Auto fold mirrors when locking(req. Power mirrors)
  12. Emergency Braking Lights
  13. Coming/Leaving Home Lights (use fogs, time etc, req. Auto lights)
  14. Automatic Coming Lights (req. Auto lights)
  15. Menu for beep
  16. Menu for DRL
  17. Seat belt warning off
  18. Lap timer in dash
  19. Oil temp in dash
  20. Change MMI logo

    Please note. This list is generic for all A7’s. Some features may not be available on your car.