Audi Q7 4M

  1. Video In Motion (Req. Must be able to watch videos currently / Separate Price / Only for software version below 1000)
  2. Needle Sweep
  3. Deactivate Lock/Unlock with Keyless
  4. 2nd phone support (use 2 phones at same time)
  5. Auto fold mirrors when locking(req. Power folding mirrors)
  6. Acceleration display in dash
  7. Tail lights active with DRL
  8. Beep when locking/unlocking
  9. Mirror dip in reverse
  10. Emergency braking lights
  11. Copy music from CD to MMI
  12. Soundactor volume
  13. Change time to open boot using remote
  14. Automatically unlock car when car is stopped and P button pressed
  15. Parking camera turn off speed
  16. Seat Belt Warning Disable
  17. Door auto lock menu
  18. Menu for beep
  19. Menu for DRL
  20. Lap timer in dash
  21. Change comfort signal count (default 3)

    Check out to know what each option means.